Our Story

Our story started on the streets of New York City as a simple idea: find out what it feels like to turn nothing into something and then spread that feeling to the world. What that meant for us was seeking out special entrepreneurs, telling their stories and turning those stories into a retail ecosystem that provided affordable, trendy and stylish fashion to people who want to look their best while going on missions that change peoples lives. We worked around the clock to design and curate clothing from scratch to give you the NEX brand.



NEX IV, founded by innovative members of the next generation, is an entrepreneurial, online-native brand heavily influenced by current fashion, hustle culture, technology and style. Our team is hyper-focused on delivering you the dopest styles, from clothing to accessories, inspired by top streetwear looks, modern day entrepreneurs and classy trends. We think that everybody deserves to feel comfortable in any professional environment and we are tirelessly working to redefine what it means to be a true professional, one outfit at a time.



We thrive on being able to see the future first. We believe entrepreneurs, side hustlers and business owners are the people who are absolutely obsessed with changing the world and making it a more elevated place than it was yesterday. At Nex IV, we strive to make them feel confident as they do just that.



It’s no secret that times are changing and every industry has to constantly adapt just to keep up. With us, there is no such thing as too much change. We enjoy looking for people who will challenge our way of living and influence our perspective on how we see the world. That’s because at NEX IV, we know that the next sensation is only an idea away from becoming a reality and when you shop with us, you join us on the frontline for supporting every innovator pushing us all forward.