Pretty pH Suppositories
Pretty pH Suppositories

Pretty pH Suppositories

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Queens, get ready to bring your sexy back! Your confidence will go through the roof after using this product. Get rid of vaginal odor, FAST, and at home with one simple, all-natural ingredient. Treats BV and Yeast Infections! Insert one of these and let the magic begin. Most women notice a difference in as little as 24 hours! 

  • Each bottle contains (30) suppositories 
  • Ingredients - 600mg Boric Acid in a vegetable capsule - That's it, babe!

What is Boric Acid? - It's an all natural colorless and odorless crystal that comes from the earth. We grind down the crystal into a very fine pharmaceutical grade powder and put it into our vegan capsules! All this is done in our FDA inspected facility. 

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