I'm Ditching the Glasses Case I've Been Using for 10 Years for This 2-in-1 Model

I'm Ditching the Glasses Case I've Been Using for 10 Years for This 2-in-1 Model

I’ve been a glasses wearer since age four and have kept pair after pair in the same deteriorating clamshell case for the past 10 years. I only noticed how poor of shape it’s in — the inside liner unglued and flopping about, canvas exterior fraying at the edges — on a recent flight, when I caught the stranger in the seat next to me doing a double take as I retrieved my specs from their antiquated carrier.

So, after a decade, I’m in the market for an upgrade. This $28 glasses and contact case at NEX I.V. seems like the perfect option to travel with, keeping both my vision aids together and organized. Plus, it even comes with a mini solution bottle.


I love the smart design of this two-in-one case. The hard shell is sleek yet durable, necessary for enduring the rigors of travel. One side serves as a standard glasses case, and the other side is for storing contact lenses and accessories. The tiny built-in mirror is a nice touch.

The case comes with its own contact lens box, a mini bottle for a few days’ worth of solution, and a rubber-tipped tweezer and stick tool, all with their own little slots for primo organization. Reviewers say they have no problems getting through security with this small amount of solution in their glasses case instead of their liquids bag.

Out of all the people who have rated the case, many have given it five stars. Reviewers give it high marks for quality, appearance, and ease of use. One called it a lifesaver for travel: “This case has made my life sooo much easier ... I always had such a problem finding my contact case in my bag or remembering where I left my glasses case. Now I have both things in the same case so it’s easy to switch from one to the other." Every glasses- and contacts-wearer knows the struggle.


Besides being super practical, the multipurpose case is also cute — far more attractive than the fraying and dilapidated receptacle I’m currently carrying around. It comes in a range of solid colors and patterns, from classic black to soft pink, from marble to camouflage. The chic brown style matches everything.

The convenient two-in-one carrier costs $28 at NEX I.V., which seems totally worth not having to fish through my suitcase looking for my contacts, or forgetting to pack them in the first place. Gone are the days of getting side-eyed by my seat neighbor for the state of my glasses case.

Are you, like me, in dire need of a better way to travel with your lenses? See more options on NEX I.V. reviewers are loving.


*This blog post was modified from an article written by Olivia Young

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