Our Story

How It All Started

Day in and day out, we ask ourselves how can we create a distinguished store for motivated, stylish young professionals? We answered that question by seeking out special industry personnel, hearing their stories and turning those stories into an ecosystem that provides affordable fashion and products. As an American online-native retailer, we seek to deliver fashion-forward, affordable items that our customers can find unique and will turn the industry upside-down. We worked around the clock to design and curate products from scratch to give you the multi-brand concept known as NEX I.V, a retail store where you can find the hottest new brands for the most reasonable prices.




NEX, founded by innovative members of Generation Z, is an entrepreneurial, online-native brand heavily influenced by current fashion, hustle culture, technology and individual style. Our team is hyper-focused on delivering you the dopest products, from accessories to apparel to everything in between.



We thrive on being able to see the future first and knowing what is in store for the next generation. We are absolutely obsessed with changing the world of fashion in the workplace and making it a more elevated place than it was before us. At Nex, we believe in having fun and getting things done and are tirelessly working to redefine what it means to be a true professional with style, one customer at a time.


OUR CULTURE of "Having Fun Getting Things Done."

It’s no secret that times are changing and every industry has to constantly adapt just to keep up. With us, there is no such thing as too much change. We invite new ideas and new practices to encourage people to think outside the box as much as possible in order to get the best results and get things done while having fun creating better systems. At Nex, we know that the next global sensation is only an idea away from becoming a reality and when you shop with us, you join us on the frontline for supporting every innovator pushing us all forward.